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Terminating employees is never pleasant, but the stakes become extremely high if the individual potentially could be aggressive or violent. With AFIMAC as a partner, companies can effectively handle these hostile terminations while increasing employee safety and confidence.

AFIMAC personnel will coordinate a risk assessment with a client's management and human resource staff as well as with local law enforcement. The assessment may warrant placing a plain clothes officer in the room during the high risk termination meeting or in an adjacent office to help staff respond to potential confrontations. The officer can also escort the employee from the premises and deliver a "Do Not Trespass" warning.

Once the employee has left the premises, AFIMAC investigators can monitor the individual's activities during a certain time frame to help avoid a workplace violence scenario. Based on a predetermined risk protocol, the investigator can alert the client should the individual deviate from his or her normal activities or approach the plant or a manager's home. Key employees can be given portable GPS tracking devices, which will send an emergency signal should they receive a real or perceived threat. An alert can be sent to three different numbers, immediately notifying management of a potential emergency, locating the employee, and sending assistance if needed. If unusual behaviors are repeated, the investigator may contact local police.

This service is offered with three goals in mind: to reduce the potential threat of workplace violence at the client's business, to protect employees from undue harm, and to reduce the potential liability of the organization.

IMAC Services Inquiry
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