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AFIMAC Service Excellence
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Labour Disputes and Plant Closures

Food Services and Logistical Support

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IMAC Services Inquiry
AFIMAC has the resources to quickly provide food (mobile kitchen trailers), bedding (mobile bunk trailers), showers (mobile shower trailers), laundry (mobile laundry trailers), and even entertainment for a client during any crisis. AFIMAC has designed and built a fleet of specially-equipped strike security trailers that can be deployed rapidly. Kitchen trailers include chefs who produce culinary creations that are always fresh, appetizing, and highly nutritious. Through the years, AFIMAC has served in excess of 1.4 million meals, which can be customized to appeal to regional tastes.

AFIMAC dormitory trailers or bunkhouses, restroom facilities, and laundry trailers help employees stay clean and comfortable. An AFIMAC mobile shower is completely self-contained and can be set up anywhere. Just one shower trailer can service 500 people in a clean, sanitary environment, all with the privacy client's need and expect.

IMAC Services Inquiry
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