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Disaster and Emergency Response


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When a natural disaster strikes a company or government, all facets of its business capabilities are affected - from daily operations and service, to customers, to employee safety and security. Even with days of warning that a pending hurricane, tornado, flood or oil spill is near, the actual disaster can strike fear amongst employees who are concerned about themselves and their families. Also, a company's vital supply chain can be seriously disrupted.

For the past 30 years, AFIMAC has provided full-service crisis response teams to governments and Fortune 500 companies experiencing emergencies of all types. AFIMAC's natural disaster response management team is the ideal partner to accomplish these tasks.

  • We provide trusted counsel and comprehensive strategies that enable clients to avoid panic and build confidence in the workplace and the community
  • We can provide real-time information to clients through our proprietary incident management software system, Veritas
  • We help companies address the possible consequences of a natural disaster before the chaos ensues - using contingency plans and natural disaster response plans
  • We provide rapid emergency response teams to secure property and assets immediately after the natural disaster to minimize further loss
  • We assist an affected company in communicating its leadership position to employees, suppliers, and stakeholders
  • We deliver solutions that give clients a single point of accountability for crisis response related services

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